Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these real diamonds?
    • Yes these are 100% real diamonds and not diamond stimulants such as cubic zirconia or moissanite. 
  • Are these diamonds mined or lab grown?
    • We use both naturally mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds in our jewelry. Each type of diamond has its unique pros and cons, and we clearly state which type of diamonds are used in which piece in the product description. However, rest assured, all of our diamonds are real diamonds regardless of the source. 
  • Why do you use both naturally mined and lab grown diamonds?
    • We choose the diamond that best suits the piece to make each design look as unique as possible. We purposely choose natural diamonds for our unique salt and pepper pavés to allow the natural imperfections of genuine diamonds to stand out. For pieces with only a single large stone, we choose lab grown diamonds for their superior size and clarity. 
  • What grades are these diamonds?
    • Grading diamonds is an expensive process so given our price point, we do not grade our diamonds but our stones can range from the I1 natural diamonds featured in our salt and pepper micro-pavés to our VS1 lab grown diamond solitaries that are virtually flawless to the naked eye.