How can our price be possible? Everything we have always been taught is that diamonds cost thousands. We are here to prove that it doesn't have to be. We are able to sell our diamond jewelry at this price by utilizing a few simple ideas.

We focus on the small but dazzling

Big is beautiful, sure, but traditional diamond dealers only want you focusing on the largest stones because diamond price increase exponentially with size. We focus on the small and delicate stones that are just as dazzling but don't break the bank.

    We simply take a lower markup

    Diamonds traditionally have an extreme markup and the established players like it that way. We are letting people know that this price is possible because we simply take less.

      We manufacture everything ourselves so there are no middlemen involved.

      Unlike everyone else, we actually design, manufacture and distribute everything ourselves. No middlemen, no partners, just us, and you see the benefit. 

        We source diamonds ethically and intelligently

        We use both natural and lab cultivated real diamonds to maximize artistry and beauty but minimizing cost.

        Our lab cultivated diamonds maximize size and clarity while maintaining consistency and quality.

        Our natural diamonds showcase the actual diversity of color and fire that real diamonds naturally exhibit. We don't try to cover up the minor imperfections of natural diamonds. We embrace it.